VistA-EdgeTM PMS Features

From basic patient registration with the ability to manage all patient demographics (including insurance details, scanned images and consent froms), scheduling right upto electronic claims... The VistA-EdgeTM PMS does it all!

The VistA-EdgeTM PMS provides an easy to use system with rich features for Patient Registration, Appointments, Paper and Electronic Claims that conforms to 5010 HIPAA messages. All patient registrations and appointments are sent automatically to VistA. All billing related information including CPT and ICD codes are received back from VistA.

Some of the Sailent Features include:

  • Scalable to be used by a single physician office or large multi-location clinics
  • Configurable - Plug-ins for state specific features such as Sliding Fee, Family planning reporting, adjustments, VistA single sign on or independent logon, etc.
  • Secure - Rich user management feature with roles and rights for users and/or user groups, Screen level access, configurable audit logs, screen time-out and locks, etc.
  • PMS-VistA Messaging - Vital for administrative and clinical user groups communication in the clinic. Even if clinicians do not need to use the PMS, they get messages as notifications in VistA
  • Patient Demographics include Patient Photo and ability to attach & view other patient specific IDs and related documents.
  • Powerful Scheduling System providing multi location appointments for same physician and with ability to keep track of holidays & physician availability and leave periods. Groups and recurring appointments with Patient confirmation mail and reminder features built-in.
  • Patient registration and schedule details synchronized to VistA and Billing related Visit details automatically received into the PMS on real-time basis.
  • Ability to create both Paper and Electronic Claims.
  • The Electronic Claims Sub-system conforms to 5010 HIPAA messaging standards (presently accredited with Emdeon and interfaced using their webservice the system) and can interface with other clearinghouses or insurance companies using either SFTP or WebServices.
  • Various Dashboards to ensure that all VistA encounters are received in PMS, that all patient visits are billed, that all billing dues are received both from patient and insurance. Dashboards to better manage Encounters, Scheduling, Billing etc. Numerous reports including Ageing reports, collection reports, Patient accounts, etc.
  • Analytical view of Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) with drill down features for identifying payments received, adjusted and denied.
  • Denial/Rejection Management including automated Payment Posting
  • Powerful reporting including that for UDS & Grants (available as a plug-in), Patient Registries for Asthma, Diabetes & CVD.
  • Access to latest release always - Synchronization with our secure FTP server allows to upgrade to the latest version easily.