Mr. Joseph K Puthooran

Mr. Joseph K Puthooran, CEO and Founder has over 20 years experience in the Healthcare Information Technology domain. His mission in founding Edgeware Technologies has been to bring the best of breed Clinical Systems to Hospitals in India. The focus on VistA, Open source systems and presence in the United States market has enabled Edgeware Technologies to build expertise & keep abreast of the latest developments in the domain.

He served AremisSoft India Pvt Ltd as General Manager, Healthcare where he managed the development and support of software for Primary & Community care in the United Kingdom. He was also responsible for implementing a nation-wide Health Insurance Solution for the country of Bulgaria covering the entire population of 8.2 million through offices in 26 cities. Mr. Puthooran has also been closely associated with leading Christian institutions in India like CMC, Vellore, CMC Ludiana and St Stephen's Hospital, Delhi.

He has a B.Tech. from IIT Madras and Management from XLRI, Jamshedpur. He started his career in Larsen & Toubro Limited and later moved to the Healthcare domain. During this period he developed and implemented an integrated Hospital Information System for the 650 bed St Stephen's Hospital in New Delhi.


Dr K M Mathew

Dr Mathew has played a key role in formulating the company's focus on the healthcare domain and give high priority to building healthcare IT systems based upon the VistA Electronic Health Record system. This public domain software has immense potential to transform healthcare both in the US as well as in developing countries as it makes viable the implementation of a sophisticated EHR which would not be otherwise possible.

Having worked at CMC Vellore, St Stephen's Hospital, Delhi and other mission Hospitals in India, he is deeply committed to supporting the task of building and strengthening of not-for-profit healthcare institutions in India. He believes that such a focus can result in setting standards for healthcare in India which will in turn transform healthcare delivery at a national level in India.

He presently works with the NHS as a Consultant in Spinal Injuries and Clinical Director of the Specialised Rehabilitation Services Directorate at the Princess Royal Spinal Injuries Centre, Sheffield UK.